Simplified, innovative, standardised


We bring your desired goals closer with these functional yet success oriented solutions crafted for you.


eduIntraNet (EIN) is esential part of our solutions in methodical approach for educating clients how to perform content creation, publishing, service management, etc. We create educational video content exclusively for you to perform simple tasks that other companies usually overcharge to do it for you.


Services Improvement Program (SIP) is a part of our Quality Management System. One of our solutions crafted to provide important feedback from our clients so we can keep delivering desired services.


On Demand Services (ODS) provides you with simple solutions from our portfolio purely based on principle: "If we can do it excellent, we will do it!"


Efficiency for Local Government (e4c) brings you the best tools for funds management, funds applications and funds evaluations based on your specific needs while providing you with budget optimisation.


Efficiency for Business (e4b) brings you the ultimate solutions that connects open applications, funds, EU funds and tenders for entrepreneurs while providing you with overall application success factor.

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