Branding Laboratory

Targeting needs

Companies don’t come up with a request like: ‘We need branding’. They say: ‘We need a logo / identity.’ But after a couple of interviews about the plans and development of the company, it becomes obvious that the request is broader than just the development of the logo.


Identity is more than just a logo. It is important, but not sufficient to express the identity of a company or product. In a well-formed brand, the logo is only a part of the visual identity.

Research & Analysis + -

While researching, we analyze the market, audience and competitors. In this case we understand what points of differentiation the brand may have. We turn business goals and rational benefits of a product into an emotional sphere and imaginative metaphors.

Implementation & Progress + -

We don’t abandon the brand without support. It isn’t our situation like ‘Dear client, here’s a brand book for you — well… good bye.’ We help with implementation and provide a method that is easy to put into practice. 

Disclaimer or something like that + -

We don’t work with weapons manufacturers, online casinos and meat-processing factories. We’ll hardly find a common ground if you need our services.


Look to
the future

We approach the development of the brand as a system, we don’t make up synthetic legends, but we help to understand your identity and create the direction of development.


different kinds of communication

To keep a brand sustainable, it is important to deal with four communication media: visual, verbal, sensual and interactive.



To be a strong brand means considering business chances. That is why our design service begins with questions about business goals, product immersion and research.


Let’s talk about

We adjust the form and content to the plan. We help to find something that will make out the brand from competitors.

Begin brand creation

Ready to get started? Answer our questions and create your new look!